Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Stay hungry and plan for a feast.

   Well after the semi gloom of the last post. Today's little gem from Steve is. Stay Hungry. The idea behind this one, is to create a vision of who you want to be or where you want to be. Having to reread the chapters, so I can scribble it down here. Has made me look and think a lot more about what I'm reading in the book.
   I doubt many would struggle to come up with a vision of who or where they would like to be. However would that vision get them out of bed or through a bad day. However I'm fast coming to the conclusion that there is a real skill to thinking up the right vision for you (and me) Something big enough to make you tingle yet not that big that your vision gets away from you when you need it most. I have to say I'm not writing this in one hit. I'm fitting in a few lines here and there around little jobs I'm doing. Which has meant I'm giving this a lot of thought and coming up with different and sometimes conflicting answers to what vision would serve me best.
   Here are a couple. Living in my finished house, surrounded by all my quirky flea market buys or finishing work related jobs quicker and getting paid. Thereby having the money to finish the house? Being part of a happy couple.The list goes on and being honest with you and more importantly with myself. As much as the above would make me happier with myself they don't seem to get me out of bed. Here's the one I think might. For a while now I've felt tired, slow and heavy. I'm doing a bit of exercise, I'm trying to eat correctly and get some good rest but it's all pretty uncoordinated. So my vision is. To wake up feeling ready to face the day, To put in a good shift. Whether that's at work or socially. That's my vision. The weird thing is achieving that will mean the other rejected visions may just fall into place.
   The next post and number three sounds interesting. Tell yourself a lie!

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :-)))