Monday, 26 November 2012

L'histoire jusqu'ici

   Here's a funny thing. As I've been going backwards and forwards to work, I've been  listening to my French tapes. I'm not paying 100% attention to them, just letting it sink in unconsciously. Now I can spot the bits where the two students make mistakes and I know word for word as the teacher corrects them it just I'm not sure if I'm remembering any of the actual French, oh well c'est la vie !
   So what else is happening in Spanner World ? Firstly there are times when I think nothing much, has changed in two years. This is closely followed by the "oh yes it has" little inner speech. Secondly I've realised that I'm not bad bad at everything. In fact I'm better at most things but let the few problem areas lead to negative thinking which kind of colours the rest.
    I've been doing a little reading on positive thinking. I always thought I generally had a fairly positive outlook. You know, a bit cheesed off, bit miserable but come on buck your ideas up things will get better sort of person. So I was a bit surprised, when having a bit of a "lets think positive" morning, how quickly my positive thoughts dissolved away. Don't for a minute think it's all doom and gloom, not a bit of it. I guess I've reached the stage of the journey where it's surprises time ohhhhh merde !

Onward and upwards in pursuit of accomplissement et bonheur :-)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

   I haven't posted for awhile. A mix of being busy, not having much to say or not being able to put things into words. It's an interesting time though and I guess I'm growing more optimistic with each passing day.
  However while I'm not writing, I am reading. It's good to see that the blogs I read seem to share my optimism for the future. That and books but more of them in a later post.
  This weekend, apart from a couple of hours of work. Will consist of a bit of cooking, a wander and the latest James Bond movie. Plenty of nose blowing as well, I already have my pre Christmas man flu :-)

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)