Sunday, 12 June 2016

....... ation

   So what you been up to my procrastinating chums?  Yes me neither. Although I have been doing a bit of half hearted reading. I'd call it research but that would be laughed out of any court in the land. So let's just cut to the chase. Or let's cut to a slow stroll with plenty of stops.
    Procrastination is a really really long word to say let alone type and it's the label given to people who have a problem finishing something and/or give up early. It's from the Latin "to delay." I have a picture in my head of a bunch of Latin scholars dressed in sheets, gathered round a table in a downtown Athens tavena. Nibbling on olives and goats chesse while knocking back the local red. Seeing who could come up with the most outrageous and or the longest word to discribe some of lifes low blows. Intoxication (poisioned) not something to say quickly when your sober let alone drunk and what a party they must of had on the back of  Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
   Back to the here and now. My research (hoho) uncovered amongst other things, that too many of our modern day conveniences can easily distract one. Mobile phones, computors, the TV etc always get a mention and I wonder if those of us that fill our lives with lots of different things are more susceptible to price as...... To test my theory I'm making an effort to limit myself to as few distractions as possible. Gone is the wall of TV screens, tuned to stations across the globe. The Porsche. I know it looks nice but you try filling it with 10 metres of tiles a bath and a bundle of 15mm copper tube. The personal chef, the fitness trainer and girl Friday will all go and I'll swap the mobile for two tin cans and a long piece of string.

   I shall leave you with Deoxyribonucleic! any ideas on that one without reaching for a dictionary?

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment  :)))