Thursday, 28 April 2016

TED, Radio 4, procrastination and me.

   As you may or may not know, I listen to a lot of radio while I'm working. BBC Radio 4 or 4 Extra, are my usually channels of choice. I also listen to the occasional TED talk. Here's a link to the last one I listened to.
   What caught my interest, was the bit where the Speaker talked about the publication of "Planning applications" in the back of local papers. They look pretty drab and are difficult to get information from. Whereas Nike ads, for instance give you all the information you need. Now this is a fairly deliberate ploy on the part of your local council. They don't want people objecting and causing a fuss. They've stuck to the letter of the law and published in small print at the back of your local paper. Object if you dare.
   Now as important as local issues are. Closure of libraries, reduction of services and rubbish blowing up and down the streets etc. What got me thinking (and avoiding doing what I'm supposed to) was do we think in a similar way. Do we get distracted from what we should be doing by doing what we shouldn't. Because our brains advertise the distractions using the same ad department as Nike and the things we should be doing gets the one used by the local council? I know I'm over simplifying but currently (while still avoiding what I should be doing)  I'm making a bit of a point of keeping an eye on how I think things through. There, that's it for today.

Onwards and upwards in the persuit of fulfillment :-)))    

Friday, 1 April 2016

Are you still there?

I haven't written anything for ages. Well except for parts lists at the Plumbers Merchant and the odd shopping list after opening the fridge and realising that broccoli, red onions and limp celery isn't going to make for an exciting gourmet experience.
However I'll forgo work and food to update you (and me) on where I'm at, presently.

As always looking for an oppuntunity to smile or laugh. listening to the radio (working hours only).
Wondering why I can/can't do this or that.
So wishing Ella Fitzgerald was still around.
Stunned by the fact that anybody thinks Donald Trump is a good bet.
Sculpting my shaggy beard into something a bit more sexy (I'm 58 for fecks sake! Shouldn't I have given up years ago?).
Feeling fed up with how long it takes me to do things but starting to be happy with stuff I'm working on.

That's about it really. I have a biker jacket (recent birthday present) which I'm struggling to include into the blog. Partly because I look more Village People than Marlon Brando. So I'm wearing it around the house. While I make breakfast. Emptying the bin. Listen to Ella, laughing at Donald. Watching TV and writing this post. Don't believe me? go on punk make my day!
So that's about it. I'm ok. Happy in my own skin (at last). Still lots of battles to fight and win. That's for another day.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :)))