Friday, 25 July 2014

Look for the lost gold....

   So it's chapter/motivation number 7, "Looking for the lost gold" from Steve Chandler's book. It's an easy one maybe to recognize in others. Someone you know always see the bad in something or always see's the funny side of things. It's a bit harder to see it in ourselves. At what point does my negativity or positivity start. Why do I get frustrated when stuck in traffic? and then blame anybody and everybody when the truth is I haven't given the journey enough time, planned or left some flexibility in my day. So I don't see the gold but I'm working on it. Equally there are things I always see in a positive light. Ummm what to do? Well I guess I could start my day, by looking for the gold in everything and all of a sudden the obstacles that frustrate are replaced instead with opportunities to see, feel, hear or get to do things differently and with joy. As SC says, "Your opportunities will multiply when you choose to see them."
   In other news. It's a slight coincidence that today we're looking for gold as I received, in the post. My first pair of reading glasses this week. After about 18 months of "I must get an eye test." I finally got round to it (my first since school). So now I can read the ingredients on the back of a packet or a book without holding it at arms length. As well as being able to read things, I'm also trying to strike intelligent poses in my new spectacles. Sadly without much success. I look more like the long lost brother of Dr Bunsun from the Muppets or Penfold from Danger Mouse. I'll let you do the Google image searches, while I practice a few more looks in the mirror.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment )))     

Monday, 7 July 2014

Simplify your life.

   I missed out a chapter of Steve Chandlers book last time out. I guess I'm starting to wonder if it was such a good idea to promise to summarize a chapter a post but a promise is a promise. So chapter 7 "Simplify your life." The chapter deals with combining things to give yourself more time and doing things now and not putting things off. The simpler you keep it, the stronger it gets. Things are difficult when you're confused. When you simplify life, then that life gains focus.
   Each chapter has a little nugget within and going back over it either re-enforces the message or reveals something I missed. A promise is a promise.
   I'll have finished the two jobs I'm working on by the middle of next week and can then start pulling the old roof off my house and fitting the new one. It will be the start of putting something back into the house and not just ripping things out.
   I've changed a lot in the last few years all for the good. Although there are still one or two things I don't do well or avoid. Simplifying things has helped and I could probably do with taking another look and seeing if there are areas which I may still avoid either consciously or unconsciously. I'm not going to go into this in detail. Most of you, us want to see, hear or taste the results not get bogged down in someone elses life detail. so you're spared for the moment )))

   There was a huge shipped moored just off the beach at the end of the road at the weekend, waiting to complete its journey up to Sheerness or Tilbury but it didn't matter how many pictures or from how many angles I captured it, it just didn't look as big as it was. So sorry for the underwhelming picture but it's my blog and it's going in.
   I started writing this, this morning feeling pretty lazy and uninspired. funny how ten minutes typing can change things. So I'm off to be a better person.

Onwards and upwards in search of fulfillment )))