Sunday, 30 November 2014

Put your libary on wheels.

   I thought I'd start with other news tonight. Just to be a little contrary and get to use the word, contrary. It's a bit of a sing song word isn't it? I also like nuance as well and I really, really like antique speak. Antique experts have a wonderful way of making the mundane (another good word) sound wonderful. For instance,"a pair of silver plated asparagus tongs, with foliate pierced palates." Doesn't that sound brilliant, just what you need as spring approaches and the asparagus is ready to pick. Fingers and a plain fork just aren't good enough. Better still is today's picture. It's a stuffed tortoise. Described in the catalogue as "An early 20th Century taxidermy tortoise in athletic pose" ????? Athletic pose? a tortoise. Really? Tortoise is another great word. Work that into a sentence if you can. Maximum points if you can do all three.
   But I digress. The passing week has been a good one on balance. I'm behind work wise but have been there the whole week haven't gone missing and the job's starting to look good. If I get things finished soon I'll get to spend some time at home by the sea. Of late I've taken a more pragmatic approach to things and make the effort not to get frustrated with the time it's taking to get straight with work and what goes on in my head. It takes longer crawling out of a hole than it does falling in one.
   OK today's chapter from SC is "Put your libary on wheels." Using your drive time to listen to motivational tapes rather than music or inane chatter. Why not! you're concentrating on the road ahead, so I guess your brain is switched on and tuned in. I've tried this in the past and used to play my French language tapes, over and over again. The thing was I don't think it helped improve my French but every time I'd play the tape I knew when the students were going to make a mistake and the teacher would admonish them. So it kind of sunk in, just the wrong bits. I'm a big fan of doing stuff in cars. Singing at the top of my voice, a one to one on a  make-belief chat show (when I'm alone, obviously) and with company, you can really chat about normal difficult stuff. I guess it's the fact you're not making eye contact. Anyway I'm in agreement with SC drive-time can be useful-time. Ok I'm history.

Onwards and upwards in pursuit of fulfillment :-)))