Thursday, 31 October 2013

What shall I post?

   I have about three or four unfinished posts. Which is frustrating seeing as I always feel better after a post. It's my mark on the timeline. Something to read again in the future, (and still find spelling mistakes) surprising myself on my understanding (or sometimes the lack of it) of the mental path I'm wandering along.
   Usually I pop my thought of the day down, then kind of expand on it. Find a picture that helps illustrate my rambling narrative and boom, job done
   Not so this time. I have these half finished draughts, just sitting there. None of them really me, at the moment. although saying that, there is a small element in each, of how I'm feeling.
   Future plans, letting go and frustration. All running through the wires between my ears but none occupying enough space to make a decent paragraph, let alone a post.
   However they do all tie together in one way or another, like spaghetti on a plate and as I'm now half a page in I may as well continue.
   The sale of the house as mentioned in a previous post, continues. I can do little to move it forward any faster than it wants to move, despite poking it with a sharp stick every now and then, which makes me feel like I'm important and involved with the process. A feeling I have to say though that passes quickly. Hence thoughts on future plans are somewhat premature at this stage and I don't want to upset the Gods of Fate.
   Letting go. Now that nearly did make it as a published post. I am ready to let several things go for good. Which I think will make a big difference to life but again seems premature. Given the precarious state of the whole house selling/buying process.
   You won't be surprised that a half post on frustration followed these. So now we are all up to speed. All on the same page, literally. Well frustration is a waste of time. Deal with it or put it to one side and wait for the first opportunity to. The same thing with letting go. The time has almost arrived when those pages can be ripped out, screwed up and tossed across space and into the bin.
   Plans however carry on regardless. Even if mine are on hold, those of others and Fates rumble on.Yet again God/fate/spirit guide (why are spirit guides always Red Indians? there's a post for the future me thinks) has put something in front of me to keep me on my toes.I've met a rather nice School Teacher. Around my age, although better preserved. Who shares a number of the same interests (good) and lots that aren't, well not yet anyway (really good) and lives only a few miles from the intended new house (really really good). I can at last say goodbye to long distant relationships (for the moment at least) find a dance class somewhere between us and learn to jive away into the night, with the lady who teaches key stage 4 kids to cook, sew and turn several bits of wood into a wonky stool. She's tall, slim and can drink a pint of beer before I tear the top off the bag of peanuts meant to accompany said drink. She's also making changes to her life as am I. She's not content to give in just yet and reach for slippers and cocoa.
   We're out again this weekend, which I'm looking forward to. She laughs at my jokes and thinks I'm rather a hunk. So there are reasonable grounds to doubt her sanity and eye sight but maybe that makes her perfect for me.
   I guess that's about it for now. I wonder how things mentioned here will have changed next time I take the time to look back on old posts. Life seems to be gathering pace once again !

Onwards and upwards in pursuit of fulfilment :-)))

Monday, 14 October 2013

Updates and cooking.......

   So in no particular order. The house sale is rumbling on. It's a weird feeling. Part of me is planning what to do with the house I've found. Part of me thinks it's all going to crash and burn. It's not helped by the fact that the first deal went pear shaped. So no news is nerve racking, the ping of an email arriving or the agents number flashing on my phone are just as nerve racking. Is it just feedback or bad news ?
   Pushing that to the back of my mind (if only I could) I left the house and went back to my temporary home, my flat mates were away for a few days, so I had the place to myself. I watched a couple of things recorded on TV while I was away. One of them being the very last episode of "The big C" about a 40 something wife and mother with cancer. I know, not a jolly subject but it's been done so well. Being the last, you can guess what happens. There's a little twist at the end  but it's all very sad. Unlike a totally nutty French film called "The Fairy" I won't go into what it's about, it will take a week of posts to explain.
   I spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting or rather typing to my friend Pixe. We talked about everything and anything for hours. I look forward to sharing a couple of hours with her soon.
   My neighbour gave me a huge bag of Apple's from their tree. So I made several Apple crumbles changing the recipe as I went. I think the one with a mix of stewed and sliced apples and sultanas was the best. It's also soup time too. The weather's turning cold and there's plenty of root vegetables in the markets. So broccoli and blue cheese is waiting for me on the hob for my tea. So all that's left to say is,

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Open day.

   Thursday evening's potential buyer cancelled and so did our first appointment on Saturday. So I left the house feeling a bit down and hoped the agent would have better results once I'd gone.
   Actually I was a bit more than down. I was seriously cheesed off. The run up to Saturday's open day involved moving a ton of boxes we'd already packed from the conservatory to the garage and a whole lot of other "I can't be arsed to mention" tasks, to get the house looking good. This was completed while in the background Mrs ex complained and moaned. Both the girls went out Friday night. I asked them to be back at a reasonable time as they needed to be up early and ready to leave around 9 as the viewings started around 9:30/10:00. They rolled in at 2 and 3am respectively. Thank you for nothing. Mrs ex started Saturday as she'd left Friday. Complaining and moaning, moaning and complaining. She's a nice person, although you maybe wouldn't of thought so from my posts but she just sees life through very grey glasses. It really drags me down and I cannot wait till there are no ties left between us. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh. I'm not perfect by any means but I did make an effort during our marriage but most times it was met with "I don't know why you're bothering."
   So, as the house would be full of potential buyers for the rest of the day. I took myself off to the National Gallery and a wander around Central London. You must be getting bored of my gallery filled weekends but my days being close to the centre of town are hopefully numbered. So I'm fitting in as many as possible in the time I have left. Hopefully if the owners of the house I've found will wait a bit longer, then my posts will be filled with endless drivel about what the tides have thrown up on to the beaches and pictures of passing ships. So be thankful. The National is a busy place. Too busy if you want to stand and admire the works of Monet or Van Gogh or any number of famous artists. It's more like a street market at times but then, it is a Saturday and it's free
   I couldn't shake the mood that had followed me out of the house and it continued to stay with me for the rest of the day. I got a message from the agent Sunday lunchtime, saying things had gone well and surprise surprise my mood lifted.
   I had to look at a job in NW London on Sunday. After that I passed a place called Hampstead Garden Suburb. It was the brain child of Henrietta and Samuel Barnett. Around 1910 they wanted to build homes for a community of mixed classes and incomes. Roads should be wide and tree lined and houses should be separated by hedges and not walls. The centre is marked by two huge churches and the Adult Education Institute (which is now a girls school) It is a strange oasis of quite and green. A peaceful place to wander around and enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon.
   Later on Monday I got the news the Agents had several offers and we have a new buyer. Fingers crossed, this one goes the distance. The week has gone by fairly quietly since. I found this spoof todo list online and it made me laugh (No4 is my favourite) So I've pinned it here. To remind me not to get crabby be a little more relaxed and laugh a bit more.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)