Monday, 14 October 2013

Updates and cooking.......

   So in no particular order. The house sale is rumbling on. It's a weird feeling. Part of me is planning what to do with the house I've found. Part of me thinks it's all going to crash and burn. It's not helped by the fact that the first deal went pear shaped. So no news is nerve racking, the ping of an email arriving or the agents number flashing on my phone are just as nerve racking. Is it just feedback or bad news ?
   Pushing that to the back of my mind (if only I could) I left the house and went back to my temporary home, my flat mates were away for a few days, so I had the place to myself. I watched a couple of things recorded on TV while I was away. One of them being the very last episode of "The big C" about a 40 something wife and mother with cancer. I know, not a jolly subject but it's been done so well. Being the last, you can guess what happens. There's a little twist at the end  but it's all very sad. Unlike a totally nutty French film called "The Fairy" I won't go into what it's about, it will take a week of posts to explain.
   I spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting or rather typing to my friend Pixe. We talked about everything and anything for hours. I look forward to sharing a couple of hours with her soon.
   My neighbour gave me a huge bag of Apple's from their tree. So I made several Apple crumbles changing the recipe as I went. I think the one with a mix of stewed and sliced apples and sultanas was the best. It's also soup time too. The weather's turning cold and there's plenty of root vegetables in the markets. So broccoli and blue cheese is waiting for me on the hob for my tea. So all that's left to say is,

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)


  1. Ya know? I really liked you until I read the cheese. Now I will have to re-think everything!!!!! :)

  2. You only need to add a little, to add a little creamyness and to improve the flavour. However that does leave me with some spare to put on crackers later :-)

  3. Popped over from Middle Child's blog after reading your comment there and noticed your spelling of Mum. Nice to see another Brit blogging, especially one with a sense of humour. :)

  4. Errrr....well that last "post" was um....I have no clue what I was trying to do. And your post here is kinda relevant to me as my mom died of breast cancer when she was 44. Also, my daughter is really into fairies.