Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Build a track record.

   So back to Steve Chandlers book and chapter 9. It's a short and to the point chapter. He talks about one of the guests at a seminar he gave. The guy approached him and said he had a problem finishing things and could he give him an affirmation that might help. SC tells him the best way to change his belief system is to change the truth about himself. The truth being stronger than a false affirmation. He would need to build a record of finished tasks/jobs. The fella brought a notebook. Headed it "Things I've finished" and off he went, writing down each thing big or small he had completed. SC sums up the chapter by adding how much more permanent this man's new belief system would be rather than anything affirmations could do (as they had failed for him before). Although I've read through the book twice, I'd forgotten this chapter. If you've read the blog for any length of time you'll know I more or less keep a book of things to be done that day. I think I need to add a section at the back where I list the stuff completed and a short positive summing up of the week or month. I've also been finishing off outstanding business, paperwork and little jobs that are long overdue and in future don't plan to leave bits not finished. That kind of stuff weighs heavily on me and it would seem an easy one to stop.
   NicE left a long and thoughtful comment to my last post. Which I haven't published yet. It deserves an answer which requires a little thought on my part. I appreciate comments. It's always a boost to know someone is reading or following a blog and as already mentioned they deserve a little thought and care in replying too.         
   In other news..... My window boxes. The first I've ever attempted, are still flourishing despite me not always being around. I brought some heather in readiness to replace the little flowers when they finally give up.  
   I guess I'm doing what every newbie coast dweller does. Collect shells from the beach. It all started because, I had a small glass vase and thought it would be fun to fill it with shell's. A friend liked it and gave me another bigger glass vase and I filled that. Now it's becoming a regular thing, when friends drop by, we walk along the beach, talk, say "hello" to passing joggers, dog walkers etc, look at the ship's out at sea and of course, pick up shells. I'm glad of the help. As the latest vase is a huge fecker. I've added a picture with a credit card size card at the bottom so you can get some idea of how big it is. So I've become a bit of a "size queen." Small and interesting no longer cuts it. Biggest is best, well at least till this vase is full. Going on "Shell Safari" whether alone or with someone, follows the same pattern. Check the tide is out on my phone app, stuff old plastic bag into the back of my Levi's. Close the door, cross the road and walk the few hundred yards down to the cut between the cliffs and I'm (we're) on the beach. I(we) wander along not really seeing much. Then bingo, it's Shellsville a patch of sand and rock covered with a mixed collection of vacated shells. Where do all those little sea creatures go? Some are wonderfully coloured. Why, I don't know, as this stretch of the North Sea is very murky. So it's not as if they're showing off to the other shells in the rock-pool, is it. If I have company, it doesn't take long before they turn into a kid again. Picking up any tiny rock or broken shell and being told "no that's a stone, no that's a tiny dead crab," which they speedily fling away, crying "URRRRRR" as the dead crab moves faster than it every did when it was alive, disappearing with a "plop" back into the murky North Sea. Then they hit their stride and actually start finding shells. At some point they will find one which they hold back from the bag "Ummm I think I might keep this one." 

Late yesterday afternoon low tide was around 6 and Sunset was about half an hour later. So I thought along with a few shell's I might get a couple of shots of the Sun disappearing below the waves. Unfortunately it went down behind some clouds. So no stunning pictures except when I turned to come home there was the moon and I carefully steeped around the rock pools near the waters edge I managed to get it's reflection in one of those pools. it was taken with my phone. I really should take my camera. I think it won't be long before vase no3 is full. So my walks along the beach won't entail lugging a couple of pounds worth of shells with me. Just the odd special one or two. Well that's enough for today (and something to cross off in my book).

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :-)))