Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day 84 Conflickting thoughts.

Whilst I'm starting to fill up with some self belief and confidence. There is this crust of insecurity which is threatening to spoil the party.
Because the answers to question sometimes aren't there I'm making them up on the scant evidence to hand and this is threatening to wreck everything. So I'm thinking problems exist when in fact they don't.I just need to concentrate on the things that I do know and can have an effect on.
I also need to find my sense of humour, which is buried down inside me somewhere. People like people who make them laugh. So I'm going to have to expose myself to as much comedy as I can find. Till I can discover the funny me from several years ago. The funny me was a happy fella as well. So I'm reaching for the remote and seeing what's there. Onwards and upwards my phantom friends :-)

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