Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Faking it till you make it ...

   Or as Steve says "tell yourself a true lie." Lay out a fantasy blueprint you can then live up to (and hopefully surpass). SC also mentions, that most of us cannot see the "truth" in who we can be. Something that hadn't occurred to me before but it ties in with recent thoughts but more about that another time. There is something a little uncomfortable about the words lying or faking. It's against everything we have ever been taught. What if we could find a more positive take on "faking it till you make it." A future blueprint, sounds a bit businessy I know but a little more positive? Send your better answers on a postcard please. Although the chapter was pretty short it made me sit back and think a lot about what I'd like to achieve, there is a fairly long list but when I look at it in the cold light of day, some of the things on that list aren't mine or don't really reflect what I do want. So as badly worded as the concept is. It's a good form of motivation, as its tailor made to each individual's situation.
   In other news. All things personal are fine and dandy. Work and how I go about it are pretty much the opposite. I'm behind with jobs. So letting a nice customer down and getting nowhere with my house. My day today jobs listing works well but makes me feel negative if I don't get things done. However after listening to Dame Kelly Holmes (former GB Olympic athlete) on the radio, I think I know where I'm going wrong. She talked about her motivation. She said, she realized that her goals after winning her Olympic golds, would be much smaller but nevertheless just as important. It then dawned on me, that my "to do" list. Should really be seen as a "goals achieved" list. Thank you Dame Kelly. There's a wonderful story about Dame Kelly when she was a kid. I shall share it with you soon.
   OK I'm history.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)))

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