Thursday, 26 June 2014

Going home......

   So ........ I'm not blogging that often recently. It's all down to poor planning. I like to note where I am emotionally, geographically and any other ally's I've missed but working away from home during the week kind of curtails internet time and when I'm home, well I'm dumping whatever I've ripped out or catching up on sleep, so that stops me faffing on about life online . Or and this has a sentence all of it's own, listening to the seagulls on my roof ! My roof is old and flat. so old in fact, it's no longer flat. It dips in the middle. There's usually a few inches of water up there and the gulls seem to like a drink/bathe early in the morning, say around 5. I lay in bed and listen to them walking about. I can hear the water sloshing around too. I hear the odd occasional fight, followed by a bit of seagull squawking and on one memorable occasion, a rather large bird falling past my window after being turfed off the roof. I leapt out of bed, expecting to see a dead or at least a concussed seagull in the basement. Instead there was a head bobbing bird, walking between the rubble bags and the rotten wood that is my front garden trying to get his/her wits back and probably planning revenge on his/her rival who was happily cooling his feet and bum in my make shift bird bath a few feet above my bed. So you understand why I record so little and so infrequently.
   I'm off home tomorrow afternoon. For less than twenty four hours this time but enough time to water my window boxes, watch what I want on tv, sleep in my own bed and load the car with rubbish before I set off to see a friend for a couple of days. Sleep in an uncomfortable bed and eat things I don't really want to. Call me ungrateful and to a certain extent I am but really, all I want to do. Is listen to the strange early morning ablutions of my neighbourhood seagulls from the oh so comfortable bed that rarely gets to transport me to dreamland these days. Walk along the beach picking up shells whilst saying hello to complete strangers as they jog by and filling the boot of my car with more crap and delivering it to the local dump. where no doubt several very clean seagulls wander about looking for lunch.

Ok, I'm history.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fullfilment )))   

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