Friday, 15 July 2016


   I've been blogging for a while now. At first I knew it was simply a diary. No one was reading it, it was a daily record on how I felt. Then I became aware there was the odd casual  reader and occasionally they posted a comment (and just for the record Aims, Pixie, Pres and the lady from Pleasantville it was wonderfully up lifting and I hope and wish you well because you are part of what I am now). I have to admit I was slightly swayed by the idea that people actually read the rubbish I was publishing but that was soon put into check, when other blogs I was reading at the time (not the four mentioned) started saying things like "dear readers." So I got grounded pretty quick and returned to what I knew best. It's a real shame Pres doesn't blog anymore and Pixie and the lady from P do rarely. Aims bless her, posts non stop. I have struggled to find blogs good enough to replace these. Why? Well because they were heartfelt and didn't spare the blushes or the tears or the angst. So my post today is dedicated to those four bloggers. I wish you well and I wish you good things.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :)))


  1. ::blush::

    This doesn't mean you're not going to blog anymore, does it?
    You don't have to have a schedule for it....

    I write for myself, too. I have deliberately made my blog hard to find. Turned off the search engine option, so unless you're searching for MY BLOG you shouldn't be able to find it. So looking on the internet for 'fluffy and twatwaffle' should not bring you to me.

    So you should keep writing. If you asked me.

    1. No I'm not going to stop. Maybe change direction slightly. Yesterday's post was meant to be longer but then I thought if I rambled on it would diminish the importance that the four blogs made to me. So I kept it short and sweet :)

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  3. It's a shame you deleted your comment Nic. Haven't heard on you in a while. Hope all's well x