Tuesday, 3 April 2012


   I had a really nice weekend with MissG but it kind of unravelled on Monday morning. I'm facing a very uncertain future with regard to work and if that goes tits up then everything else will follow. So the realization on Monday as I traveled to work that shes not interested in what I do or how things are going for me kind of took the shine off the weekend.
   Now that's fine, I guess there are plenty of couples out there who have no interest in what their other half does for a living. So I lay no blame on her but I'd like someone who shows an interest and offers a bit of moral support at times. Why ? I can't say but for as long as I can remember I've always been interested in what those close to me have done, shown interest and support and now on reflection understand it's something I'd like to be reciprocated.
  The week is going as expected. A couple of letters from bailiffs and a couple of phone calls with offers of work, that may unfortunately have come too late.
   So what to do? Well take a bit of inspiration from Chris Gardner and keep going. Once I've posted this I have a couple of letters to write to the afore mentioned bailiffs. We have the Easter weekend coming up so a couple of days to play catch up with correspondence. I'm not singing and dancing but neither am I crying and wailing about my lot in life. Things could be worse (I could be a Chelsea supporter). So things are far from awful just a little challenging at the moment :-)

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of  fulfillment and happyness :-)      


  1. I think a person who says you're important to them should be interested in your life and what you do.

    As for support? Oh yes. Whichever half of a couple you are, supporting and building up your other half should be just about your #1 priority.

    What could be more important than that?