Sunday, 8 April 2012


   As I wade through the various things life throws up for me (and for everyone else). I realise that there are particular moments that I don't handle as well as I could and look to see if there may be a better way to tackle it.
   I've been reading a couple of blogs/sites that deal with the positive. The problem I have though, is they can sometimes over simplify. I get the feeling that sometimes as much as they are selling us their theory's they are trying just as hard to convince themselves that it's that easy but maybe that says more about "skeptical me" than them.
   Last night I found another site and wondered around it, as you do. I came across a book section with reviews. Which, you could either read or listen too. So I listened. Now I'm sure the guy I was listening too, Brian, is a nice fella but his voice had that "I'm cool and together and I'm really here to help you, man" quality about it. So I'm thinking this is going to be a complete waste of time. Not the best frame of mind to be in you'll agree, if your hoping to absorb something useful. Anyway I stuck with it and I'm glad I did.    
   I guess my biggest stumbling block is doing things in their order of importance. When it comes to moving things around to avoid the necessary and concentrate on the unnecessary I have Olympic abilites. It's something I've been toiling with for a while. I've made little inroads into it but haven't found an answer or something that works. So as I listened to Brian and thought of ways to torture him, on the off chance we should one day meet. He started talking about honouring commitments. Now I don't know about you but the thing that makes me feel bad the most, is knowing I've let someone down. Tortured Brian thinks some of us make far too many promises to others. So the inevitable is going to happen and what about the promises you make to yourself ? Now I'm starting to warm to Tortured Brian.He's talking about me.Over recent months I've been addressing my own self-worth. So the idea that I'm not honouring my commitments to me is something new and possibly something that I could use in a positive way in the future.
   And that wasn't the only surprise of the weekend. Fulham won away, which for a Fulham fan is most disconcerting. What will we moan about? We play Chelsea tomorrow night and I think I'm strong enough to cope with another win. Here's hoping.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)



  1. I'd wait until Tortured Brian's proverbial hits the fan and then see how he copes. I have always thought that these people never write when they are in the pit of despair, and it is certainly not because they are never in the pit of despair.

    Maybe that is the sceptic in me too.

    You have redecorated. It's all blue. I like it.

    :-) P

  2. Glad you like the blue Pixie. I think I need to overhaul other bits on the blog. I've started cooking again and I'd like to expand on that area as it's a bit sad.

  3. Cooking, huh? I stumbled across this blog yesterday and laughed my butt off... but the recipes sound interesting and possible...