Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just do it !

   Following on from my last post. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that instead of trying to figure out why something isn't happening/working it's probably better just to get stuck in and look back at a later date and wonder why.
   The people who write the blogs I read all seem to be facing up to their issues and doing something about it which is encouraging.
   I could do with getting some exercise as well. The stronger/fitter I am the easier it will be to do just that bit more at work.
   My poor old van is playing up again. It's overheating and things are looking a bit terminal. Which is a pain. most mornings and evenings as I drive to and from work I say hello to God and thank the van for getting me to work or back home. I do promise her some tlc but I guess she's given up hoping. I have a job that will pay off most of my debt (credit cards etc) and will pay for a few spares to keep the red rusting hulk on the road for a bit longer but I don't think she'll make it.
   I've come up with an emergency plan. I'll buy a lottery ticket tonight, win the jackpot, hire a replacement van for the short term and let a highly trained team of mechanics, spray painters and upholsterers loose on her. To restore her to her former glory. I know, not a great plan but have you got a better alternative?
   That I have a plan ( if it could be called a plan) and I always try and write my post's slightly tongue-in-cheek and the fact that there are no trees around here that would take my weight given that I could find a suitable length of rope shows how far I've come.
   Things could be far worse and they are for a whole lot of other people.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-) 

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