Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Just doing it.

   Well the plan started ok. I brought the ticket, unfortunately it didn't have all the right numbers. Which was a bit of an oversight on my part. The good news is I did win £2.50. So now there's plan B another ticket and 50p for sweets woohoo.
   I did (fingers crossed) manage to fix the van. I hate fixing the van. That was until today. I read somewhere about trying to find enjoyment in everything you do. So I fixed something most people wouldn't even attempt and while I was doing it thought back to when I was a kid. Watching my Dad fix his van and here I am fixing mine. So there lies the reason I hate fixing my van. I've come no further. I'm the same as my Dad, who to me was a failure. Harsh, I know but there's really too much history to go through to give you an insight into why I feel that way.
  Cue a little motivational speak "The only obstacle along the path to happyness is me." I've paraphrased something a guy called Les Brown wrote. As I've said before it's odd how life shows you something just when you need or are able understand it
   My Dad wasn't a failure. He tried really hard. If any ones a failure it's me because he gave me more than he ever had. So time to let that one go and take a look at this from another angle. My Dad gave me the ability to fix things and not give in. Thank you Dad, I had you all wrong. I'm sorry. 
   I'll keep you posted about plan B

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)


  1. That's a sweet post which, in actual fact, proves you are no failure. A failure wouldn't be so honest, I don't think.

    I fixed my Dyson yesterday. I was very pleased with myself. Now it is a nice sucky sucky vacuum. :) N

  2. Thanks Nic, enjoying your photo's on your blog and the nice new profilr shot :-)