Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Carrying on.

   Are you all familiar with a BBC program called "Who do you think you are?" It delves into the family trees of Actors, sportsmen and who ever happens to be flavor of the month.
   This week it was a hound named Greg Wallace. He does a bit of TV, writes, has a restaurant but I digress. It's his Great-grandfather Henry Roland Springett who was the centre piece of this episode. The fella worked hard to provide for his family but bad luck and tragedy stuck to this bloke like poo to a blanket.
   So what do you do when things go wrong, seriously or otherwise? Well the simple answer is keep going. Make some changes to avoid future pitfalls but if things all around you and within you are going badly you're probably not the best person to be making decisions, simple or otherwise. So where to start. Well I guess it depends on the particular hole you're in and here's where the old me and the new me part company. Old me would of suggested answers based on what I was trying, hope or from what I'd read. New me is willing to admit I'm not so sure. I defiantly do know that what works or doesn't work for me won't necessary be the same for someone else.
   I've always thought that being honest with myself, would be my trump card. It would help me sort things out but as I suggested earlier if I'm in the middle of some wrong decisions then my thinking is probably not at its best. So currently I'm still in the same loop but I pick up a few new tools each lap and my times are improving and I'm still in the race.A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)        


  1. My father is huge into genealogy and does the DNA testing for genealogy. I am fascinated. He is getting matches from all over though my relatives came on his side came from Ireland, Scotland and probably England as well.

    Those be calm and carry on things really bother me. Yes, I will carry on but no I will not be calm! I try not to hide my feelings. I cry. I read. I do anything but eat.

  2. Your right Jen the "keep calm and carry on" symbols are a bit over done now and appear everywhere (including this blog 10th Feb) Todays picture is in fact a real book published way back in 1926. Hope you're well and thanks for the comment.