Thursday, 9 August 2012

No moans! it's just not British.

   I haven't blogged for a while. Long hours at work and poor decision making have left me short on time and ideas about what to write and I no longer want to blog about things unless there's a positive slant somewhere in it.
   So lets move on to something positive. The run up to the 2012 Olympic games was very British. Moans about the cost, the Olympic highways ( certain roads closed to all except Olympic traffic) The cost. The legacy or lack of one. The cost. Oh and the mini uproar when a block of council flats found out their roof top was about to be used as a site for a missile launcher to shot down flying terrorists.
   Then came the opening ceremony. Which left us all a bit surprised. It's genuine attempt to include all sections of the community from the immigrants who came here in the 50's (and many settled in East London) to James Bond and the Queen. The moaning subsided and a timid "well that wasn't bad, was it" crept in. we wobbled abit when Cavendish didn't win the cycling road race and we had to wait a whole 5 days before the rowers Glover and Stanning won gold in the Ladies coxless pairs. Our first ever Ladies gold in any rowing event. Since then the medals, the graciousness of all those involved in the games and our (Brits) pride has started to roll in and on wards. As the games draw to a close TV and Radio has started to home in on the stories behind those with medals and those without. The sacrifices they and their families have made and other stories to do with the games past and present. So thank you to those involved. Ken Livingstone, Boris,  Seb Coe, Tessa Jowel all the way down to the 70,000 volunteers who have changed us miserable Brits into happy positive Brits, well for the moment anyway :-)

Onwards and upwards, in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)      


  1. I've missed your posts and have been wondering how you're doing. We watched a bit of Olympic coverage here, although we fast forward through much of it. Many of the events hold no interest for either one of us. The commercials are stupid and annoying and go on too long, the same can be said for Bob (that's with one 'O') Costas who just NEVER. SHUTS. UP. Arghhh.

  2. Thanks Aims, doing ok but going through a bit of a busy time so not much opportunity to post. Saying that I've posted twice now in two days and as I'm house sitting for friends I may well inflict another on you in the next few hours.
    Be lucky, Spanner x