Monday, 3 December 2012

More on "updates" ......

   I kind of touched on how things were going generally in the last couple of posts but as this is more a diary for me than a read for you, I need to list a few things for future reference.
   MissG and I split about ten weeks ago. I've been coming to the conclusion that I'm just her weekend boyfriend. For me she's more than that but it's getting on for a couple of years now and to be honest I couldn't see much changing in the future. I bumped into her the other day, (she also sends me the odd text too) and she said she missed me (I miss her too) but she doesn't know what she wants. I can understand that but I'm not willing to hang around. I hope that doesn't sound harsh but I'm kind of getting to like who I am and I want the best for him :-). I told a close friend I missed her and he said well you made more of an effort than she did and you deserved more. Just the kind of thing you need to hear from a friend when you're a bit down. I have to say for 99% of the time it was blinding (really good) and I doubt I'll meet someone like her again. I'm a better person now, in part for being with her, than I was. So it's been good. It's just a shame that relationships don't end like a bowl of ice cream does, all happy and content.
   I'm spending more time with my daughters lately and am enjoying their development as adults. Albeit sometimes from afar.
   Work, or more precisely getting through it quickly and efficiently still remains my big failing and because it pays for everything, causes all else to unravel. So more effort required there. I have to say it's the simple stuff I fail on. Go to bed too late. Don't plan and drift off the point. What a plank !!!!!!
   Overall though I have a lot to be thankful for and positive about. I've been reading a book call "The Secret", I guess most of you have heard about it. On a very simplistic level, it's about wishing for things and if you do it right those things come to you. I have a bit of a problem with that per-se but the book has made me think a lot. It's the first time in memory that I've found a book really helpful whilst not enjoying it or fully embracing it's message. Has that ever happened to you?
   Well that's enough from me, I'm off to bed before today becomes tomorrow. Again for the first time in living memory I have to say that I feel confident and capable. Look after yourselves and those you love.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)


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  1. Sorry to hear about Miss G. It's so hard to leave nearly good relationships. You always end up wondering, maybe if one thing changed...or another thing...and then you have several things and you remember why it wasn't working. I had a relationship like that. Seven years, we were together. Three years on and I still miss our relationship. But I am happy: He has found the one he wants to be with, so it was the right decision. I hope you and Miss G can be friends.