Monday, 25 March 2013

Persistence beats resistance.

   I love little aphorism's like the one above. Short and to the point. Their shortness seems to add to their gravitas.
   The last couple of weeks have been really busy, work wise. Long days with not much time to do anything else. Where I have had a little pondering time I have been thinking about the desired direction I'd like my life to follow. It isn't hugely different from the path so far followed. It's more to do with not just looking straight ahead but casting an eye to the left and right and taking in what's happening. Being a part of that and enjoying  it. Pretty basic really.
   One by product of the long days, are mistakes. Small ones, like measuring a tile to be cut to fit a gap, cutting it and then binning the right half and trying to fit the wrong half. In the past this would have started a short dialog in my head about what an idiot I was. This week however I've either smiled or laughed as my error, as I reach into the rubble sack to retrieve the wanted tile. I've not been troubled by the long hours. In fact, it's more about the job done and not the time taken ? I can't explain to myself, why my mood is changing and frankly and for the first time in memory I don't need to know either.
   And now for a change of subject. Amino Acids! I've taken a few supplements in my time and apart from Ginseng, haven't really noticed any benefits. I've been very interested with the effects food can have on your well being. How at different times in a life cycle you may be suffering from a deficiency of one sort or another. So while nonchalantly perusing the web. I came across AA's. It mentioned that L-tyrosine may have a beneficial effect on mood. So off I went searching for more info. Body builders use L-gultamine to help with muscle recovery. They also take L-Arginine which helps with muscle mass, blood flow and circulation. There are several AA's all doing slightly different things. From helping to reduce fat in the body, angina, aiding recovery from heart attacks to erectile dysfunction. So I'm taking a couple at the moment. I'll let you know if they make a difference.
   I turned 55 last week and finally excepted I won't be discovered by Fulham scouts playing in the park and fast tracked into their first team. Score the winning goal against Chelsea, in the FA Cup Final and there by become a Fulham legend. However it wasn't all bad news. I did receive a Kindle Fire as a present. I wasn't expecting it and truth be told, felt a little embarrassed to receive such an expensive gift. I've added a few books and several apps. All I need now (and am looking forward to) is to be stuck or delayed somewhere so I really make use of it
.    Well that's it. Apart from one last aphorism "No wind favours he who has no destined port"

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)


  1. A belated happy birthday, sweet Spanner. :) P x

  2. Thanks Pixie, liked your recent graphics :-)

  3. 55? You're an OLD guy compared to my 'really young' 52. :)

    What a great gift! I would love to have someone give one to me.

    It sounds like things are on an upward swing for you. I'm glad.

  4. Not so much of the "old" Aims :-)