Monday, 11 March 2013

What do you want from life ?

   I don't mean material things. I mean the intangible things and more specifically have you thought about what you want recently. Is it the same as the last time you mulled it over? I have and it isn't!
   I won't bore you with the detail. The general stuff, I will though. I'm surprised how short the list was, is and how detailed. My initial list, hid things. No that doesn't sound right, some of the things I wanted or thought I wanted were a bit too general too vague. They needed to be slimmed down and when I did the necessary trimming they became something else entirely. That surprised me, in a good way. Hiding behind the donuts were a few apples.
   We don't have as much control over our lives as we think. The banks own our homes. Our jobs aren't for life and so it goes on. Where we can make a choices, shouldn't we? I have friends who are quite happy for life to just happen. They may plan a holiday but not much else. I don't have a problem with that but I do think my brush with the blues was a result of letting go of the reins. So starting to feel I can begin to have a bit of a plan is, well heartening :-)`
   That's all I have 

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)  


  1. I'd rather have the doughnut. :)

    Interesting exercise and a way of thinking about things that I don't usually take the time to ponder.

  2. Yeah the donut analogy wasn't the best was it lol but I am choosing more apples these days. Hope you and your's are all well :-)

  3. I find this idea rather interesting, the pursuit of happiness. I think if we are content with ourselves, everything will be easier.

  4. I think you're right Gina. Happiness is within, it just hides itself pretty well sometimes :-)

  5. As you can tell by my recent but infrequent posts I have sort of being doing the same thing. Figuring out what it is really I want, what I want to change and why I haven't. I'm looking for a balance between being happy with what I have/am and pushing my limits in pursuit of happiness.

  6. I agree with you. On the face of it, you'd think it would be pretty easy to choose what you want. I'm finding it difficult to home in on something worthwhile though.