Friday, 22 February 2013

Self counselling

  A friend has started to blog. Much like me, it's a diary of thoughts. She got several comments almost immediately. Then wondered if she would post again. She's not sure if blogging is right for her. I have to say I like being a blogger and a follower. I'm starting to become a bit fussier about the blogs I read and follow.  I do like regular posters, you know what's going on and how things are. I used to but the content wasn't that good. So like most, I'm irregular. Only posting when I've noticed a change. However reading through my previous posts and I strongly advise you not to, I see things, that now I wouldn't write down. I'll have to think this through.Shall I write regular crap that may be of some use to me later or do I bow to the self imposed pressure of trying to write something witty and interesting because someone else reads my ramblings ???
   Another day and with another friend, we were talking about our children, relationships and life in general. She asked me how my "self counselling" was going. I was a bit surprised. It never occurred to me, that that was what I was doing. Later that day, I goggled "self counselling" and lots of interesting information popped up. Of the things I read, this was by far the best.

It's Oxford Universities main site. With all the usual tabs, admissions, about us and contact us etc etc. If you find your way to the student gateway page, there's a health and welfare section. In amongst this you'll find the "self counselling" bit. If I've copied the link down correctly, it will take you straight there. I'm working my way through their procrastination program modules at the moment. Well I would be if I wasn't procrastinating and writing here. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Oxford. Maybe all Uni's have this kind of support for their students. It's funny how the internet takes you to the strangest places.

   It may be a bit early to say but I don't feel like a man suffering from doom and gloom at the moment. A man with a few problems. Much like everybody else. Work (the lack of it) and finances but definitely not weighed down with that dark cloak of despair.
  To change the subject completely, if you get a moment pop over and take a look at

 I've followed her blog for a while now and she turns out some really lovely photographs  Like me she doesn't post regularly but it's worth the wait. I've nicked one of Nick's pictures. Yes this is a photograph. Which she's played around with on the computer. Apologies for the theft Nick I couldn't help myself. I love the colours. It would make a wonderful print or fabric.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)))  

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  1. Aw, you're lovely, Spanner. That's so kind. I was thinking about what you said about being a regular blogger, and though I have two blogs, I have slowed right down on my posts for various reasons. I used to be quite religious about it. Equally I read far fewer blogs than I used to. I think it is fair to say that I have become a lazy blogger. I think it is nice when people are being natural though. If we are in a humorous mood, then we are more likely to write a humorous post. But it always feels wrong if I write in a style which is not actually in my heart. But then my photo blog is not a professional outlet. Perhaps if I wanted to flog the stuff, I might be a bit more sensible about it all. Just do what's in the heart, Spanner. I think people naturally warm to blogs which resemble human nature's ebbs and flows. :)x