Monday, 20 May 2013


   My last three jobs have all been for previous customers. Two of them I haven't heard from in some time. It's always a good feeling when a previous customer gets in touch.
   The jars marked "self belief" and "self worth" are rarely full when you have a dark cloud always in close proximity. So to hear from an old customer always gives me a lift.
   I also found out that another of my customers is having a tough time of it lately. He's suffering from alzheimer's. His son tells me he's giving up. Which is a real shame. I found him an extremely kind and interesting man. He would always call me around September to service his aging boiler and make sure all was well with the heating. His call would always come when I needed a lift both finacially and spiritually. My repeat customers are like stars in a very black sky. I hope his shines a bit longer. He's an exceptional nice man.



  1. And I hope your dark clouds move away soon. :) P x