Friday, 28 March 2014

An invite to my deathbed and other fun things.

  I promised in my last post to go through the one hundred and eleventy seven things Steve Chandler wrote in his book to motivate the reader. Number 1 seem a bit of a grime way to start but what do I know. The idea is you imagine yourself on your deathbed and what what you would say to those close to you. The exercise makes you realise things you maybe haven't said to those close to you.  Thereby motivating you to not leaving important things unsaid. I'm going to have to think a little about this. I'm not sure if I've said the important things to those I care about or I'm repressing certain feelings ??? might be a good way of getting my tools back off my brother sooner rather than later though :-)
     In other news. I've been working back in London and staying with friends. The journey to work takes me through Bushy Park and this particular morning it was a bit misty. So having been inspired by Richard ( Brewer's pictures. I parked up and took a few shots. I don't think Richard will be too worried though but I'm happy with the result.
   Bushy Park is next to Hampton Court. The home of Henry VIII. Bushy would have been part of the forest that surrounded Hampton and somewhere where he and his chums would of hunted deer.
   Later Charles I added a canal and various ponds and later still William and Mary commissioned  Christopher Wren (The architect of St Pauls Cathedral) to design the Arethusa Diana Fountain  using the statue of Diana (Commissioned by Charles I for his wife, which originally stood in Somerset House, London and later moved to Hampton Court by Oliver Cromwell) as a centre piece to the park. The history doesn't end there, for all you North Americans the Park was used during World War One as the home for the Kings Canadian hospital. During World War Two Eisenhower planned the D-Day landings there at Camp Griffiss. An old customer of mine told me, he and his friends would climb over the wall and spend the day with the Gi's in their huge camouflaged camp. Cadging chocolate and trying to get rides in jeeps. OK history lesson over.
   The following day to taking this picture my car broke down on the motorway. It's just over a week later and now I have a new clutch, less money in my bank account and man flu from standing next to my sick car late on a cold night for an hour.
   The internet man is due today to connect me. Which will make blogging far easier than the currant set up allows.
    Well that's enough from me.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :-)))

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