Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Where were you yesterday ?

   March 4th 2014 to be exact. I was here in Hammersmith. West London. At work in an empty flat. Actually I hadn't started work. I was getting ready drinking coffee, you know the important stuff. As the flat' s in a basement, radio reception is pretty patchy. So I decided to listen to one of my Kindle books. I think you can listen to most books on Kindle. It's an irritating robot voice. Imagine your satnav talking to you between the route instructions. There, you have it. Irritating as I say but better than the sounds,of silence (my old friend) sorry couldn't resist that. The chosen book was "100 ways to motivate yourself'."
   Now I have a long history with self help books. From "how to sew" (I'll explain that another time) to how to fix cars and computers. Be a better manager, gardener, cook. Right up to fixing myself. I don't always finish them (there must be a help yourself book on that,and if there Isn't it was my idea first so step away from that paper and pen) but I'm drawn to them. Most tend to start with the idea that the reader knows what they are doing. Would I need the book if I did? These are the ones I don't finish. Then there are the ones that assume you, the reader are a complete moron. We'll I maybe but I'd prefer it if they didn't make it so obvious. I don't finish those ones either. Anyway "100 ways" doesn't fall in to either of those camps. Robot lady and me are almost at the end and looking forward to starting again.
   At the beginning of the third paragraph of the intro. The author, Steve Chandler writes "it took me more than fifty years to discover this" I like him already. He's the moron all self help morons want to be.
   I'm not going to give away any of the 100 plus ways Mr Chandler lists but I promise you, I'll write how each one works on and affects me, good or bad.
   In other news my badly taken picture celebrates a clear blue sky, not seen round here for a while with all the rain we've had and the first blossoms I've seen open.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)))

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