Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Is it just me, or do you .......

 .....have a particular place for your clothes when filling the laundry dryer. If that's what it's called. The white plastic and wire thingy you hang your washing on and stand it somewhere it won't get in the way but it always does. Socks, hankies and pants on the bottom as they've small and don't touch the ground. Then it's everything else but I have a bit of a laundry pecking order. Next go the plain old tees and sweatshirts. That frankly have seen better days but are good for work. Then come the newer additions to my wardrobe, they get a bit more space too, do I need to get out more ???
   In other news. I'm slipping a bit and had a couple of days when I've hid away. Obviously I'm not happy about this but I seem to have developed a bit of inner compassion. I have always, on the whole, been very forgiving and understanding of others but not so with myself. Partly because I felt I was giving in and being weak. Which in truth I was/am but what lead to that giving in? Here's where the newly acquired compassion may help. I am very suspicious of this at the moment. Is it another excuse ? Or maybe it is something good? Time will tell.
   Maison Margate continues to have its guts ripped out. All the plaster and lath on the first floor has gone and so have the internal walls. It's like sleeping in a garage. Bare brick walls and hundred year old dust settling on anything that doesn't move periodically. The rain continues and the temperature has dropped. So I sit here wearing three days of clothes at once and seeing little clouds appear as I breath out. I've moved a couple of pieces of furniture in and re-hung a few of the pictures I took down prior to the last round of demolition. I shall include a picture. If you want to get the full effect tune your radio into any rubbish muzac station and still in a bath of cold water while looking at the picture. Welcome to my world.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)))

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  1. I didn't see this post before I got sick. (don't ask, you don't even want to know). But your description of how things are in your home is different than that lovely picture of how it looks.

    My dryer is electric. I toss in the whole load of clothes. An hour later they come out fluffy and warm and ready to hang up or fold or wear.

    I love my dryer.