Saturday, 1 February 2014

The secret room.

So it's now the second day with no rain since ummm the last time it didn't rain which seems a long time ago.
The plan today is to finish stripping back the last of the old plaster and lath to the brick walls on the first floor and bag it all up. They'll be a lot of dust and it will take a few days for that dust to settle (and its the dust that's a real pain. It gets everywhere) but I have a couple of days work in London. So I'll let it slowly float to the floor over the weekend then hoover it all up Sunday night, ready for the next phase.
I mentioned the secret room in the last post, well a few day ago. I was clearing the small garden and the path that runs down the side of the house. On the path is, what I thought was a drain cover. Turns out its a coal hole lid. Back when the house was built,  heating and hot water would be provided by coal fires. Coal would be delivered in sacks off the back of a horse and cart and carried by the Coalman to your coal hole and tipped down the hole into the space below. Usually houses with cellars had coal holes. My house has no cellar, although my ground floor is a few steps down from ground level. Anyway I'm starting to get off the subject. I lifted the lid and stuck the camera phone down as far as I could reach. The space is about five foot squire with a domed roof. There was once a door that connected it to the house but that has been bricked up at some point. The coalrooms location is roughly opposite where the new bathroom is going. At best it might make a great quirky shower room at worse some useful storage space. Whatever it turns into it's a nice surprise.
   In other news, my walks along the beach haven't turned up anything really interesting except this picture of green algae on the sea wall and Chavvy's hat. I shall include a picture of the said hat in my next post.
   It's taken so long for me to publish this post, that the rain has returned and brought Gale force winds with it and after all the stripping out I have found a little leak in the roof. I have a bucket in place to catch the occasional drop.This little house has been so unloved for years. Which is a real shame.
   I have been doing a little research down at the library ( I haven't belonged to a public library for a least thirty years !) and have looked at local maps and director's to find out more about the house and its neighbour's.but along with Chavvy's hat that's for another post.

Onwards and upwards in the search for fulfilment :-)))

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