Thursday, 30 January 2014

Time management.

 With the house move I've had sometime to consider things. Now I live over eighty miles from the place where all my work came from and some of it still does I realize that without proper planning, I'm going to waste a lot of time and petrol. I thought I was good at planning but the truth is, I'm absolutely pants.
   Now that didn't take too long to figure out. What did was how my poor planning has lead to a number of things. There's the obvious, income, pissing people off etc etc and the less obvious, little definition between work time and free time and low self-esteem. I'm surprised it's taken me so long to figure this out. Still, no matter, fate and lady luck has kept an eye on me in the meantime. Now I'm not sure how to go about changing this, I lack the discipline at times ( most times) not to get distracted. Still that's my problem to tackle and in the grand scheme of things not a difficult one.
   In other news from the coast. The strip out of the house continues. I've found a secret room but more about that in a latter post. The building inspector is coming tomorrow. He will take a look at what has been done so far and listen to my plans for the house then offer an opinion as to whether it's the kind of thing the local council would agree to.
   I continue to discover nice places. Like the Pub on the Pier (above)  Margate doesn't really have a pier it's more a sea wall but it is a pub and it is at the end. So they got two out of three. I wiped away the condensation from the window and took the picture across the small harbour.
    I've also found a nice workman's cafe. We'll it's really the lady who makes the coffee who is nice. Hence my frequent visits. I better ask her,her name really soon. As the bacon rolls while nice are going to have a detrimental affect on my waistline.
   So you're pretty much up to date. Oh yes the name of the blog has changed too. I thank Chris Gardner for the use of his name and the inspiration. Now it's time to move on.

Onwards and upwards, in search of fulfilment :-)))


  1. Nice to see you blogging... and that things are looking up. I love the difference in idioms between here and there...
    "I thought I was good at planning but the truth is, I'm absolutely pants."... love that. If I said it here, people would raise their eyebrows at me and most wouldn't have a clue what it means, even with context.

  2. Oops. hit publish too soon... I want to know more about the secret room! And I like your new blog title.

    Okay, heading to work.

  3. You have hood, trunk and Moon roof we have bonnet, boot and Sun roof. Why we call it a Sun roof God only knows, the Sun never comes out in the UK.
    We have bum bags and you have fanny bags, which is something VERY different here. Also you have Randy as a boys name. The equivalent here would be to name him Sex Mad. I think that covers it. Oh you don't use Tosser either. It's a wonderful insult, usually aimed at male drivers or sportsmen who screw up the simple things. "What an absolute tosser" you say, as you shake your head in disbelief..

  4. ::we:: use Tosser... watch a lot of British TV and movies.
    Randy is a boy's name, Randi for a girl. And I'm aware of the double meaning, but evidently a lot of new moms are not!!

    They used to call them sun roofs back in the 80s, don't know when or why it was changed to moon roof, but that's how they sell them now. Unless it's factory installed, they always leak.