Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Nearly another year.

Another year is almost here and with it, the dilemma of resolutions. Make one and chances are by mid February I would be slipping at best but more than likely I would have failed. Now 2013 has been a special year for me. To quote one of my customers "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." He of course was quoting Charles Dickens. It's nice working for smart people. They usually have better coffee (but alas no biscuits) and give me plenty of reasons to search wiki and find out who said what and why but I digress. Lets get back to resolutions. Make them and chances are we'll fail. Don't make them and, well you've failed already haven't you.
  So I've been giving this a bit of thought. I want something that's not as specific as "make sure my paperwork is up to date" so maybe "lets be a bit more tidier than last year" will do but that doesn't cover all the other stuff, like exercise, weight, better food ( feel free to add your own bete noire). So I've hit on the one size fits all, "lets really try and not fuck up as much as last year." I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty catchy as resolutions go and pretty inclusive. I can eat pizza and not go near a gym but as long as my paperwork is looking tidy I'm winning.
   Don't take this too seriously. By all means make um or fake um or ignore um, it matters not. If there's one thing I think you should do and I do, do each year.Is never ever give up on yourself NO matter what. The beauty of not giving up, is it's free. Bloody tiring yes, exhausting even but  it's your secret and it's your place to go when it's raining and you don't have a coat. You can never fail when you'e made that decision to never give up on yourself. You can be laying in the dirt, bloody and bruised after your particular demon has kicked the shit out of you again and know that as bad as things are you haven't said I give up.
   The picture is one I took a few weeks back of a Christmas Tree in a shop window.Yes, under all those baubles is a tree. I thought this was a lovely tree. No lights or fancy tricks just too many baubles making it both simple but over dressed at the same time.Which kind of sums up Christmas.Something that should be simple but gets a tad over done.

Onwards and upwards in search of fulfilment :-)))

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