Saturday, 25 January 2014

Title change

   I've been thinking recently where my blogging is going. I'm not, so in a hurry to write things down or share my thoughts. That's not to say I don't have any. They just seem a little at odds with the original idea for the blog.
   Firstly, it's time to change the title. I've stood on Chris Gardner's shoulders for long enough. His example of never giving up struck a chord with me way back then. Today I don't have to switch on the inner voice and hear.
"Come on, keep going, you can do this, get through this"
I now know I can. That's not being arrogant or saying I'm free from my depression. It will always be there in the wings waiting. Just like there's always a drink to tempt an alcoholic. I know now what to avoid and when to say "enough." The battle has been won but the war still goes on in the background.
   I'd love to say I beat the dreaded thing but honestly, it just got bored with me. It was fed up with my constant thoughts of a bright future and smiles, when I didn't want to smile. We all know someone, who without meaning to, gets on our tits. The mear sight of them or the sound of their voice sets us off. I was that person. I got on Depressions tits and they've gone for the time being.
   I shall change the title to something more appropriate for this moment in time. Ok that's me done. I shall get dressed and have a wander along the Esplanade and see what the sea has washed up.

Onwards and upwards towards fulfilment :-)

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