Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Getting back to old habits.

 With all the big changes associated with moving now three weeks behind me, It's time to ease back into some of the go habits I've formed in th recent past. Blogging being the one for today, I've continued to read other blogs but just haven't made the time to write my own.
   It's been a busy few weeks, moving, paperwork, finding where things are but it's not all been the little stressy things. I've found out I can see the sea from my window. The dog walkers I pass on my walk along the beach say good morning, so do the joggers (I guess that's insurance just in case they kell over due to their exertions and need my help).
   I've started to strip out things from the new (old) house and tart up some of my junk that's been hidden away in a garage for a few years.
   The day outside is bright and chilly. Here inside it's just bright :-) The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago on the coast road, a few hundred yards from me. Sadly the Lido is closed and in a bit of a state, although the Orange bit at the top switches on each evening. I wonder who pays for that?

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment :-)))

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  1. Yay for new stuff! Looking forward to visiting (on the condition cake is involved, of course) x N