Thursday, 15 January 2015

Learn to play a role.

   I'm not going to summarize chapter 15 Learn to play a role. Just type down the first paragraph.
"Your future is not determined
by your personality. In fact, your personality is not even determined by your personality. There is no genetic code in you that determines who you will be. You are the thinker who determines who you will be. How you act is who you become." What more inspiration do you need?
   In other news... I've had a few, not so good days. Hiding away and doing next to nothing. Haven't had these or been there in awhile. There has been a slight differences this time. Normally I'd be thinking "OK I need to do this," or "I need to do that," or "I'll get up in a minute." It doesn't happen. This time I made a conscious effort not to plan or feel guilty about it. Just go with it until it passes. I don't keep an accurate diary of these occasional moments but I tend not to eat well and drink a little too much this time I ate properly and didn't drink. I slept a lot so that hasn't changed. It seemed to pass quicker than previously. Normally as I'd come away from this I'd resolve never to let it happen again. This time I'm thinking that there may be a better answer elsewhere.
   There are some things I do well. Why? that's what I'm trying to figure out. I/we do things well because we approach them in the right way. On the whole we find the things we do well, easy. So we don't put much thought into the processes and efforts we put in. There are things I do badly, like hiding and just like the things I do well, there is an approach and processes I go through to get there. The wrong processes. I'm warming to the idea that a better understanding of my right processes is the way forward and anytime spent going through the wrong ones is a waste. Understanding why things go wrong maybe the way forward for a lot of people. Indeed it could offer answers. It has for me but not solutions, so it's not the route to take.
   I wrote a long time ago about stoicism. I do believe I have that and that stoicism will carry me forward. Once I start to figure out the processes leading to good things, well the forward will be quicker. Lifes good at the moment.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :-)))          

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