Friday, 2 January 2015

Chapter 15 "Light your lazy dynamite."

   "A good way to ease yourself into that motivation is to act as if you were the laziest person on the planet (It wasn't such an act for me!)" So writes Steve Chandler. I think I could beat you to the Oscar for that roll SC, so writes me but back to Steve, "by accepting that you're going to do your task in a slow and lazy way, there is no anxiety or dread about getting it started......... The dynamite is living inside you. You don't have to be frenzied about setting it off. It lights just as well with a slow struck match." Just the right way to start your and my year, I think. No inner turmoil. Just slowly moving fowards.
   In other news ..... as I mentioned in my last post there were other things I wanted to mention with regard to my walk(s) along the beach. The halfway point on my usual walk is the Turner Contemporary Gallery and the stone pier protecting the bay. If I turn around and head back via the road and not the coast path I pass this building. It's the old "Fort Road Hotel." One of the few buildings in Margate that JMW Turner, artist and one time occasional resident of this parish, would recognize if he happened to wander ghosterly (yeah, I know that's not a word but it should be, shouldn't it) around his old stomping ground.
   Anyway a few years ago (four) it was decided by the local council in partnership with a boutique hotel chain and their architects to restore it back to a small hotel. It has wonderful views over the sands and some lucky guests would see the same ships at anchor in the morning, that I can see. Although they'll have room service and fluffy white towels and I'll have ummmmm just towels, fluffy, if I occasionally remember to shove them in the tumble dryer. There's nothing better than fluffy towels maybe central heating. I'll have to think about this and anyway I'm leading you astray. Great idea me thinks, save a building, create jobs. Create somewhere nice for visitors to stay while they visit our awarding winning art gallery. A soon to be reopened "Dreamland historic fun fair." the Winter Gardens concert hall, where the Beatles once played and other numerous  attractions too boring to mention here We have a lot of really naff hotels. Only one, "The Sands" that you could call luxury and "The Walpole Bay Hotel" which is unbelievably eccentric with a very big E. Recently however the Council has let it be known, that maybe they'll allow it to be knocked down and social housing built there instead. As mentioned in my last post we're a bit short on jobs here and those we have are poorly paid. So social housing is a must but not on such an historical site and not at the cost of a few important jobs and such an important building. A new hotel, however small, means jobs and there are plenty of sites in the town where social housing would be better sited, near schools and parks for instance. Is it madness on the Councils part or have they read my "and the next chapter is" post and are trying to nobble my up coming cunning plan to defeat their planning department.
   I hope they see sense and we get another hotel and some social housing. Both where they would truly benefit the town.
   OK I'm history ........

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :-)))


  1. What does this mean.. "We have a lot of really naff hotels". Not familiar with 'naff'.
    We have reservations at my parents' time share on the coast every year for our anniversary. This year's visit can't come soon enough. :)

  2. Naff= Not good, rubbish etc. I do like slang and idioms and the way people use or adopt them. The "I'm history" came from a penfriend in South Carolina many years ago. He would always finish his letters that way. It made me giggle, nobody here in the UK had a clue what it meant. Which when you consider we have more history than most makes me giggle now.
    Thanks for the comments Aims, I enjoy reading your posts and the links to others. Hope you have a wonderful 2015 ))) x