Sunday, 20 May 2012

A brief history .....

   During my little counselling spell, I said I felt bad about being miserable when there were so many people in the world with real problems. Could I do anything about these people? she asked. No. Well just concentrate on you for the moment.
   It helped, I was generating enough guilt closer to home without adding to it. So eighteen  months on I'm finding that I'm spending more time looking out than looking in. Now the balance is better. There are still too many in the World with real crap though.
   I always assumed that the misery thing was something you got over or cured. Accepting that isn't the case and I need to have little strategies to deal with things has been a real release too. Simple little things that stop me careering down the negative thoughts path and step back on to the right route. Keeping my mouth shut more often :-) and not looking too far into the future. Realizing I can only change my own thoughts and behaviour. Not that I'm into making people do what I want but wondering why others do what they do isn't the best use of time is it.
   Enough of the belly button gazing. Works going well and is becoming enjoyable again. I'm lucky enough to be working in an empty flat, so get to cook a proper meal for lunch. Now all I need to do is add a bit of exercise to the pot.
   I'm dog sitting, at the moment. Which I thought would be a good idea as it would mean long walks etc but all it wants to do is sniff. So walkies is really standies whilst she sniffs the trails left by previous dogs. I'm glad my nose isn't as sensitive as her's as a trip to the Supermarket would be a nightmare. I'd like a dog of my own one day. Although something bigger than this one, with a recognizable breed and fur that doesn't resemble a pipe cleaner.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)     


  1. If you can punt it, it's not a dog. It's more like a rat with longer hair.

    And you're the boss of the dog, so you don't have to let the dog stop and sniff everything, you can just drag it along. Eventually the dog will catch on that it's time to walk, not sniff. :)

    I think the old saying, 'you can't save the world' works in situations like ours... yeah, the world sucks, and there are TONS of people who have horrendous problems and absolutely horrible things happen to them.

    That doesn't make your pain less, although it can certainly add perspective.

    It sounds like you just have a kind heart.
    After all, you're letting the dog take you for walks. :)

  2. Hope you are doing okay. :) N

  3. Yes, thanks Nic. Just busy with work and a bit short of ideas on what to write. I hope you're doing ok too :-)