Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fate I guess.

   Work wise things have been a bit grim. So financial shortcuts have been taken. Like not having a proper spare wheel. It's first on the list to sort out when some cash comes in.
   On Tuesday I noticed one of my tyres was a bit flat, so I pumped them all up. Knowing some cash was due into my account I planned to get a spare sorted out on Wednesday. Alas the tyre didn't last that long and gave up on me at 5 o/c on the A3 a few miles from my currant job.
   I know someone, Pat. Who lives not far and they were in and came and picked me and the useless spare up and dropped me off back at my job. It's an empty flat save for my tools and other bits and pieces. So I made the best of it had something to eat and made up a bed of sorts. The following day Pat picked me up I got the tyre changed (£90 ooh that hurt) went back to the van and I'm back on the road.
   So what did my little adventure teach me? Anything life throws at me can be overcome and staying calm and understanding, it's not personal. Makes it just that bit easier. Squeezing as much good stuff out of a bad situation helps too. Get as much insurance as I can and I don't mean the paper kind. I mean the good sense kind.
   All that said, things are still moving in the right direction and lifes still good .

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)   

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