Sunday, 9 June 2013

Today I have been mostly ..............

....... Painting, the front door of my old house. I have also been steam cleaning a knackered old rug. I brought in a junk shop, a while ago. There's some age to it but their are a few marks that I doubt will come off. I've added a couple of pictures. I'm not sure you'll notice a difference though. The shadow on the right of both pictures is my big head.
Hopefully you'll notice in the second shot the whitish blobs on the red diamond in the middle have gone and the red to the left is slightly richer than the red to the right after a bit of steam cleaning. I shall bore you with more pictures as it's colours start to come through.
   Back to the painting. I have a list of things to paint, clean or replace prior to getting the house onto the market. Oh and not forgetting a lot of things to take to the dump or stick on eBay. I'd have to say I'm not killing myself to get these jobs done. Which is a bit stupid but now is not the time to get all "stupid me" and add to the pressure. Kitchen and hall are done as well as the aforementioned (I didn't know that was one word. Thank you spell checker) Front door. Next are a few loose slabs to re-lay.

   When I haven't been painting I've spent a bit of time with my mate Abby. We watched a programme on the BBC about successful business entrepreneurs. One guy (whose fortune went into hundreds of millions) was very down to earth and it came out he didn't read too well. So they briefly touched on dyslexia and it's effects on people. Abby, who is very bookish and a nosey mare as well. Asked me what had finally got me reading. "Trashy detective stories" I said. Something that would allow my imagination to wander. No surprises there but what was, was the layout of those types of books. Ragged right, as opposed to Justified. Now I know, you know what I'm on about but .... Ragged right, is where the text all starts at the same place on the left but doesn't necessarily finished in the same place on the right. Justified starts and finishes in two neat lines (newsprint and textbooks for instance) It's supposed to look more professional and neater. However, it creates, what has become known as, white rivers. These are the gaps between the words. You don't get them in Ragged Right but the stretching of words and the gaps between them in Justified creates these unusual gaps. Some people find Justified difficult to read. The rivers play games with their minds and guess what, Textbooks are usually all Justified. Now I know I'm not thick but I struggled at school and the things I did remember were, in the main what I saw, heard or a combination of the two. Also the trashy novels I read in my late teens were usually cheap books so the pages were not white, more yellow. Another thing some people struggle with and then there's fonts types. I could go on but I think you get the gest.
   So all in all a good few days. Sorry about the pictures it seemed a good idea at the time.

Onwards and upwards in pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)

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  1. I can see a difference in the rug!

    I can't see what I'm typing, though, so I better go dig up my glasses.

    It sounds like you have given a lot of thought to the process of getting the stuff all done, and there's really no point in burning yourself out, is there?