Sunday, 28 December 2014

And the next chapter is ....

Going to be in my next post. It's Christmas so I'll take a holiday. I got to cook lots over Christmas. I don't have a fully functioning kitchen yet. So being a guest where there was one, gave me a chance to try some things out. Most turned out OK but a trifle I made for a party hadn't really set and as we drove to said party it started to merge as we rounded each corner and stopped at each junction. No one asked what it was but It did get eaten. The picture isn't mine. Maybe next years will be. I entered Christmas with most things done and no regrets and I leave it with no plans to change things next year (see below). I also have no intentions of looking back over the year and making resolutions for the next one. Just keep moving.
       In other news .... I don't how I came across it but I found an interesting article about Churchill. It dealt with his depressions and how when depressed he had unrivaled clarity of thought. Paradoxically this clarity of thought when depressed was also entwined with grandiose notions of success and ambition. Interesting I thought and I immediately pushed aside the full scale model of Buckingham Palace I'm making from match sticks and glue and I've put on hold my menu plans for this evening. A three course meal for six guests using only two small aubergine and wild fruits gathered from the forest, cooked over an open fire in the garden. Ummmmmm I had a nagging thought, this article reminded me of someone but who? Someone close?  Me maybe?
   Trying to overcome the might of Kent County Councils planning department is a little akin to smashing the Nazi war machine and my ambitious plans for Maison Margate are probably on a par with Winston's plans to invade Europe. Joking aside this has been something of a revelation. Finding something that mirrors one's habits or behaviour is both reassuring and helpful. Now I don't presume to see any similarities between Churchill and myself except our joint love of red wine and the fact we both need to breath in to see our feet occasionally. Knowing there's a pattern is almost as good as knowing there's a solution. I will admit to having ambitious plans to carry me out of despair and gloom in the past. However reading that, made me decide there and then, that if I did not have the tools or wherewithal to do something then I won't make a plan. I would do what I could with what I have. The clarity would be useful though.

Onwards and upwards in pursuit of fulfillment :-)))


  1. You should write more. You do it very well.
    I don't like red wine, but I have to lean forward to see my feet.