Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chapter 13 .Definitely plan your work.

   In Chapter 13 the word "transmutation" appears. Changing one thing into another, in fact one of the definitions for transmutation in the dictionary is "to turn base metals into gold or silver." Which is interesting. Change my inertia to action. Darkness to light.
   Napoleon Hill, a chum of Dale Carnegie, believed the best time to learn one of life's unusual rules was when you think you're too angry, upset or depressed to do so. You change those feelings or transmute them into something better, through "definitely planned work." Once we work out who we want to be or want, we switch our negatives into positives. Instead of thinking about how angry we maybe. We think about how we will do something to change and write it down, as a plan or timetable, to help make that change and that gives us the "energy of purpose" to do it and we keep doing it until it turns into gold. Now on the face of it, this isn't rocket science but I've never considered turning a wrong thought into a right one.
   In other news I've been deleting old emails, pictures and unused posts and came across this one. "Why does everything I do take so long ??? I don't expect you to answer that. Unless you have a fist full of degrees from a renowned University a couple of books out and various appearances on TV then feel free to email me." it was part of an unfinished post. There are a few tucked in amongst the 411 published ones. A Google search reveals 531 million results to that question although only a few are relevant. There's mention of ADD and ADHD and tests for you to do. I'm not keen on labels. I've met too many people who have found labels to attach to themselves for some short fall in their lives and once found, they stop any kind of meaningful attempt to do anything about it. On the other hand, through this blog I've come across plenty of examples where people have been or found a labelled and choosen to march on.  I'd like to be associated with the later and not the former. Strange but apt I should happen upon that particular unused post after re-reading chapter 13.
   I'm off to write my plan now.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment :-)))   

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