Saturday, 10 March 2012

So what's my role in life?

   What am I unhappy about ? I do know if it was any one thing, job, relationships etc it could be changed. I guess it's something a bit more all encompassing. A frustration with how things have gone and how they are. So what to do?
   Just like most of you. I've done the improved diet, more exercise, personal counselling and a few months worth of pills. All useful but I have a nagging little feeling. It's not a solution.
   I'm starting to think it maybe more to do with not leading the life I'd like to or have the ability to lead. Not fulfilling a role for me or those around me.
   This is only half a post. I'm really busy with work and I've not thought this role thing through properly yet but I wanted to get something down and published.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness and fulfillment :-)


  1. Spanner - I like your blog. I like the way you write and your honesty. I actually read the book Chris Gardener wrote, which, although very badly written (oh, I'm such a snob!!), was very touching.

    Maybe the fact it was badly written made it what it was... A heartfelt, honest book. I am seriously considering whether I should self-publish my own blog as a book for that reason.

    Over the years I can't tell you how many films I have watched. Strange then that I can recall so few. And the ones I do recall are the ones where people have the guts to open their soul and 'tell it how it is'.

    I guess that's why I like your blog.

    Keep on 'telling it how it is'... and I promise everyone will keep on reading.

    Lara Lakin

  2. Thks Lala, I was only thinking the other day, I wish I had more of a writing style. Male bloggers seem to write in statements, females seem far better at writing in a more conversational way.
    I'm hoping I get the chance to write a little tonight as I'm missing it and a lots happened in the last week or so. So want to get it down before I forget :-)