Thursday, 22 March 2012

Waking up.

   Waking up isn't as much fun as it used to be and when I say used to be, I'm looking back to when I was a kid. I'm not say that everyday since then has been that way, getting up early and looking into the cot as my daughters lay fast asleep was always a bit special. It just seems that way.
   It doesn't take so long now to push the gloom away and find something positive. It's easier because I'm facing up to the crap. It must be getting on for about six months since I last switched off the phone and pulled the quilt over my head and hid away from the world for the day.
   I don't know how things are going pan out. What I do know is, I'm trying as hard as I can for things to go the way I'd like but things are coming to a head fast.
   Enough of this, let me change the mood slightly. Two blogs I've added to my list are the and For an old skeptic like me, it isn't easy reading but I'm willing to take a fresh look. It's always nice when the phone pings to let me know an email has arrived and it's an update from one of these sites. There isn't anything radically new but it's easy to read and it goes against the majority of things in life which tend to look at the negative.
   The list of blogs I read is fairly quite at the moment. I hope that's because people are busy doing other things. I'm fighting my corner and I hope you are too. We only have this life, I know we don't have absolute control of it but as a start we can chose to wear a smile instead of a frown.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)


  1. The tone of your posts is becoming a lot more sunshiny... I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. Wake up spanner. It's another beautiful day out there waiting for you, full of suprises.

    Waking up... I have read so much about waking up. Googled 'effective ways to start the day'! It feel like the make or break of the day. But it isn't. It's just a moment like all the other. Like you, I'm grateful for days when the start comes that bit easier. The inertia of depression lessened.

    I find some choice music on the 'easy to reach from my bed' phone, or a happy YouTube video, or a moment of meditation with the headphones on and my hands on each breath in my chest... these all can help me with frown remodeling in the morning.

    What do you find helps you get started?