Sunday, 7 October 2012

Collecting info on "Procrastination"

   For the last few days I have been wandering around the web looking for solutions to the above. So far they fall into two groups. An explanation of what it is. Which is procrastination of the highest order. Avoid writing about a solution to a problem by just restating what the problem is. I take my hat off to the authors of those articles or things written by people who think a neat shopping list is a perfect solution to the problem.
  So if anybody reading this has come across anything they think may be interesting can they post a link.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-) 


  1. Procrastination seems to be my way of handling life in general. I put things off and withdraw so often that it's the norm for me and the occasions I handle things in a timely manner are unusual.

    I am sure that if I make that call and start seeing a counselor, I can start to make sense of it all.

    But it's a huge step, and I know I'm not ready yet.

  2. Oh you're a big help Aims ! lol