Monday, 22 October 2012

I wish I could ......

   Write posts like some of you. Just interesting little snippets about the routine of life and for once I think I might just be able to put something down along the lines of you better bloggers out there.
   Yesterday I met up with a friend in London. We met in the middle of St Prancas station. From there you can get trains to Paris and less romantically the South East and the Midlands or jump on the underground and come up somewhere else in London. Which is exactly what we did. First stop the flower market at Columbia Road for a wander, a coffee and a bagel followed by a couple more train rides. A comfort break in a Pub, which seeing as we managed to collar the only leather sofa in the place turned into a long hour of chatting and catching up. Then a short walk to the new cable car that links the North of London to the South. It's supposed to be an addition to the transport system but has become a bit of a "tourist must do" It's more like a fairground ride. As it takes off and steeply gets you up to 300 feet over the old docks and Thames before an equally steep descent the other side and just a few hundred yards from the O2 Centre (the old Millennium Dome) It's now full of bars, restaurants, a cinema and a concert hall. We opted for Mexican a beer and more nattering before we finally got back on the tube and went our separate ways.
   There, I managed it :-)

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)))))   


  1. It sounds like a nice, relaxing sort of time... I love catching up with friends like that now and then, although being home and quiet is still my favorite.

    And your posts are always interesting, and they often make me think.

  2. A perfectly lovely post, though I'll have you know that there is nothing unromantic about the South-East, Spanner. ;)