Monday, 3 May 2010

Days 19,20&21

Well it's been an up and down Bank Holiday Weekend. My mood tends to dip during the evenings and is low first thing but picks up through the day. So how to boost things in the evening? Going to the gym occupies my time. Instead of watching TV I'll switch to some reading and maybe get a few early nights. The other thing I must do is drink more water. I know it's a bit random but lets be fair it ain't going to do me any harm.
I have to admit I thought things would really be moving upwards by now. I'm not saying things aren't getting better. The writing helps, the fact something is written down and tangible makes it simpler to see but there are still the feelings of despair and loneliness.
However we are not going to end the weekend on a downer. I'm off for a read and a glass of water.
O&U :-)

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