Monday, 24 May 2010

Days 43&44

Apart from the week when I started this blog. This has to be the most important week to date. It was a week where things came to the surface and rescued me just at the right moment. I have to say like the little voice that popped into my head and said "be strong" I've no idea where from or why these things arrived! but I'm really glad they did.
I suppose I've been putting in the basic framework to build a healthier and happier life. It just seemed to have start up on it's own (maybe it knew I needed it's help).
As previously mentioned I'm beginning to look at things in a very positive way. I'm finding my humour and the regular visits to the gym are turning me into a chiseled hunk (haha, if only). The humour thing is turning from black to a more balanced light hearted banter that includes people and isn't so inward looking. In fact it's the change from only looking inwards to looking outwards at the rest of the World that seems to be a sign of recovery (not the word I'd choose but it's good enough).
Hopefully this new mood will stay with me for the coming weeks. Because all the crap and rubbish that brought me down is still there. I might have broken it up and shifted it round but it's there and needs putting away permanently.
Onwards and upwards people :-)

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