Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 226. Tea and toast.

Just after eight on a Sunday morning. I was going to talk about what small differences I've noticed in the last few days, when another popped in to mind. So I'll note that first before I forget. I have a mental list/plan of what I'd like to do and was just trying to work out where I'd be today. Then the first little job cancelled on me (they needed to go out)and my day has got a whole lot simpler. This never used to happen before and I am wondering if God is lending a hand here with my rehab! I'm still a bit sceptical about all things religious (which is a whole other chapter, so not for today).
Back to small differences. Getting out of bed still doesn't require a count of fifty then another five minutes before I get out. I also have a cloak of well being surrounding me. So the day starts in more of an upbeat manor. I deal with the negative voices quickly and move on to a more positive frame of mind.
There are no real negatives to record here. Apart from occasionally finding something to do to delay getting stuck in to the real work. I do need to deal with my back log of daily tasks sooner rather than later. There is a little thinking to do on these subjects as I fear the way I choose to tackle it, is the wrong way I used in the past but I'm not far off the remedy.
Onwards and upwards Spanner :-)

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