Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 245. Will today be the start?

Today was to have been my last counselling session but due to the weather it's been cancelled. To be honest, I'm not too upset. I'm not in the right frame of mind today. I haven't been all week. I'm finally excepting there will be good and bad days. It's the necessary drive to achieve, that's puzzled me this week. It's not going to come from anybody else and I have to find a way of tapping into it. Other things I used to do and enjoy, have started creeping back into my life. So on the face of it, things are moving in the right direction. My desire to achieve however is a new one to me. Like the good/bad day thing I realize that it's made up of straight forward practical things, get up on time, know what your doing etc coupled with something else. A strength that comes from within. I'm going to try and find it over the next day or two. Onwards and upwards :-)

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