Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 255. Time to commit to paper !

OK I need a purpose. I won't call it a goal. Purpose sounds bigger and nicer. The goals can be the smaller things that get me there. More about them another time, let's get back to "My purpose in life". I have a little cottage, that's in severe need of some heavy TLC.
I dream of living there in my old age. Having the grandchildren spending their summers there. Picking berries in the hedgerows and spending long days building sandcastles on the beach with them. At other times my friends will come over and stay. I'll bore them ridged with stories of my vegetable garden and the solar panels on the roof. The neighbours will drop by on Tuesday nights to play boule, drink wine and try to help me improve my French.
I'll have a big dog (I've always wanted a dog) so walks and throwing sticks will become a part of my everyday.
Big cups of real coffee will start those days and a kiss and hug will finish them. In between will be a mixture of the fun, mundane and painful (Fulham losing and or trips to the dentist).
There, my purpose in life. Spread over a couple of paragraphs. Something for me to come back to again and again. When I need to know why am I doing this and where's it all supposed to take me.
Onwards and upwards :-)

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