Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 265. Rolling with the punches.

Well finally money in my account but charges to follow and a parking ticket arrived in the post. Que, black mood and "woo is me" but without too much conscious effort I got over it. Now a few hours later I'm excepting stuff happens. It's not personal. I'll except it as a little prompt to get my act together, or more pertinently to continue getting my act together. As that journey has already started.
I can't stop the odd mistake or bad decision. I can however see it for what it is. A mistake, a piece of bad luck.
Forgive my amateur diagnosis but is it just a wiring problem? Every time something goes wrong. The feelings of despair take the shortest route to the soft delicate bit of my brain without passing through the "common sense" filter and being correctly routed to the "shit happens" department. Every time something good happens it meanders along to the "well any fool gets lucky" section where it is quietly shown out by a side door and told not to make a fuss.
Am I on to something? It certainly takes the sting out of bad news and the idea that it is relatively simple (hence easy to resolve) rather than something complicated (and not so easy to repair) appeals to my simplistic way of seeing things and wanting to go about things. I'd like an uncomplicated life and maybe today has been abit of a landmark.
Onwards and upwards :-)

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