Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 266. Almost Christmas.

To cut to the chase. The affirmations are coming along a treat, I say them several times a day (although I need to work on a regular pattern, time of day etc). When some little problem arises I think of the wiring problem I mentioned the other day and send it to the right brain dept manually. Same goes for good news as well. You'll be able to gauge how well my recovery is going. When I start with the good before the bad you'll know I'm almost there :-)
I'm planning my days better, what gets done gets done and I'm fitting more in. I'm fairly worry free too, as I'm in the thick of Christmas most things are closed, so one or two things I'd like to resolve, I can't. However I will use the time to get some letters all typed up and posted.
There is still away to go but I'm just looking as far as I can step, instead of looking into the far distance and feeling it too long a journey.
I'm hell bent on 2011 being a good year for me. This blog has been a big help in recording my feelings and the rereading of my previous posts has often surprised me. So here's to more posts and surprises.
Looking at my stats it appears I have a few readers. So thanking for looking in. I wish you, your family and friends all have a happy Christmas and a good 2011.
Onwards and upwards :-)

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